Our Model

With more than 25 years of hands-on experience, Pipeline Health’s proprietary operating model enables our network of facilities to deliver the high-quality care that our communities deserve.


We have developed overarching tools and strategies to address a wide range of healthcare challenges.


Our localized leadership teams and partners ensure the communities we serve receive an authentic and quality experience.


We aim to work with community leaders to make certain their voices are heard and needs are addressed.

Our Process

Pipeline Health believes there are three critical areas of focus that successful hospitals share - Clinical Excellence, Operational Efficiency, and Financial Stability.


  • Quality Focus
  • Dedication to Excellence
  • Driven by Accountability
  • Evidence-Based
  • One Patient | One Team Approach
  • Patient Satisfaction


  • Team Orientation
  • Local Focus
  • Driven by Objective Metrics
  • Eco-System Approach
  • Efficiency
  • Performance Improvement
  • Leadership


  • Value-Based Alignment
  • Utilization & Cost Management
  • Collaborative Business Development

Continuing Education

Physician Education and Training is a Pipeline Differentiator. Our education programs are focused on Providers as well as those the program impacts:

  • Nursing
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Ancillary Departments
  • Providers
  • Business Office
  • Ancillary Departments

Introducing DART

DART™ is an internally developed reporting platform that tracks metrics in all key domains giving a clear view of program performance and how value is created for the hospital and community. In addition, metrics can be tracked by payor, financial class, provider and/or group. These reports are accessible daily, monthly, quarterly and annually to allow for detailed data mining and to drive actionable insights

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