Steve Garske

Steven R. Garske, Ph.D., chief information officer for Pipeline Health, has been named to the CIO Hall of Fame, which celebrates his outstanding leadership in business and technology.

Garske is among the honorees announced today by Foundry’s CIO, a publication that provides its readers with key insights on career development, including certifications, hiring practices and skills development. Garske will accept the award at the CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony in August.

A seasoned, savvy IT leader, Garske has deep experience in the healthcare IT space, with more than 15 years in senior executive and Chief Information Officer roles. He has extensive expertise in healthcare cybersecurity, infrastructure and application, data monetization, digital transformation/integration, new and innovative business models, and new and innovative technologies.

At Pipeline Health he leads a team of IT professionals dedicated to enhancing technology for enhanced patient care at seven hospitals in California, Texas and Illinois.

“It’s no surprise to us that Steve would be named to an IT Hall of Fame because we see his significant expertise and outstanding visionary leadership every day,” said Pipeline Health CEO Andrei Soran. “In less than year with this company, Steve has created solid collaboration with hospital administrators, physician leaders and with members of his team, to seize opportunities and address our critical IT needs.”

Garske’s academic degrees include an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Ph.D. in Information Systems Management from Walden University, a M.Sc. degree in Business Information Technology from Kingston Upon Thames in London, and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics/Scientific Programming from UC San Diego.

“This year’s CIO Hall of Fame honors an extraordinary group of executives whose vision, leadership and values have greatly contributed to their organizations and the CIO community at large,” said Anne McCrory, Group vice president for customer experience and operations for IDG Communications, Inc. “The 17 new members are great at problem-solving, great at team-building, and great at contributing to the profession. It is our honor to recognize them.”

–March 21, 2022