Thankful Quotes

It’s the season to give thanks, and many of us are thankful for our families, our health, our jobs and other blessings we enjoy throughout the year. As the 2022 Thanksgiving Day holiday approaches, employees across the Pipeline Health system have shared their thoughts about those things for which they are most grateful this year.

 Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

“I’m grateful for the fact that I get up and go to work every day with a great team, and thankful for the friends that I have here at the hospital. In addition to my family, that sums it up for me right now.”

Paul Brown

Lead Tech, X-Ray, West Suburban Medical Center

“I am grateful this Thanksgiving for my current healthy pregnancy and excited to welcome a baby boy in January. Also, my 2-year-old son is healthy and well after his recent surgery. I am so grateful to work remote so I can spend more time with my family.” 

Jessica Clifford

Chart Auditor, Pipeline Health System

“I’m grateful to be part of CHHP and to fulfill my role as an Educator.”

Deluxe “Dee” Fernandez

Nurse Clinical Educator, Community Hospital of Huntington Park

“I’m grateful for my relationship with God. I see God putting things in front of me that I’m not completely comfortable with, but then He walks me through them.”

Ted Thompson

LA Market Facilities Director, Memorial Hospital of Gardena

“I have been very fortunate this year and thankful for many things. The biggest blessing was the birth of my first granddaughter, she has brought my family so much joy and happiness into our lives. I am Truly Blessed.”

Irma Flemate

CBO Supervisor, Vendor/Support, Pipeline Health System, LA Market

“I am grateful for an amazing team of professionals to work with every day. While this sounds a bit cliché, it is very true. I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals over my 35-year career in healthcare, and the staff I work with on the Pipeline team are by far the very best and most dedicated to excellence in patient care that I have had the privilege to work with.”

Matt Whaley

CEO, Community Hospital of Huntington Park, Interim CEO, Memorial Hospital of Gardena

“I am extremely grateful for my grandson, Derek, who was born last October and spent last Thanksgiving still hospitalized in the NICU. Today he is a healthy, always smiling baby boy, and we all look forward to adding him to our Thanksgiving table.”  

Julie Tarazon

Executive Assistant, East Los Angeles Doctors Hospital

“I’m grateful for the things in my life that bring me peace and joy–the peace of knowing that God loves me and brought me out of stormy situations and the joy that comes from seeing smiles on the faces of my family and friends.”

Janell Baker

Employee Health Nurse, Memorial Hospital of Gardena

“I’m thankful not only for our leadership team here at West Suburban, but also for our team members who meet each morning in the huddle and then at the end of the day to make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s truly a collaborative effort since nothing works if one of the pieces is missing.”

Karen Denkov

Director of Perioperative Services, West Suburban Medical Center

“I am thankful for my career as a physical therapist that is already 24 years and counting!  It continues to be a meaningful calling since I discovered the profession in high school.  And, it’s the best way I know how to pour my love of anatomy and kinesiology into helping people. The wide variety of patients, their stories, and their functional goals make the work inspiring, stimulating and many times really fun.”     

Tracy H. Alvarez

Physical Therapist , Weiss Memorial Hospital