One of Pipeline Health’s strategic goals for this year has had the potential for two important benefits to our hospitals.

The goal: Hire more qualified talent for our team, thereby reducing the company’s dependence on contract labor and providing adequate staffing throughout our facilities.

The record shows great progress in achieving that goal.

According to Pipeline’s Chief Human Resources Officer Lisa Guzman, the two benefits of this success are a more engaged workforce and cost-savings from decreased dependence on contract workers whose wages are typically higher.

“Since July 2023, we have hired 245 new employees, which includes 94 RN’s and LVN’s, which is a great sign for the health of our team. We are also seeing a reduction in turnover from the same time last year,” she said.

New Hires Join the Pipeline Team

This graph shows the RN and LVN hires in 2023 for each Pipeline Health hospital, illustrating a dramatic increase since July 2023.

Importantly, the new hires coming on board are being hired into recently revised pay ranges that determine an equitable salary range based on years of relevant experience. At the same time, HR staff are ensuring that the wages now offered to new hires are equitable to their peers with equivalent experience.

Guzman attributes the recruitment success to a revamping of the recruitment team and increased collaboration between the recruiters and hospital hiring managers. At the same time, recruiters are taking advantage of enhanced approaches, including better use of the Indeed online recruitment platform and other sourcing options.

“Meanwhile, retention strategies to keep current employees engaged are also a key focus as we move forward,” Guzman added.