It’s time to welcome the holiday season. It’s time to gather with family and friends around the Thanksgiving dinner table to enjoy turkey and dressing and pie and fellowship.

It’s past time for many of us.

Many Americans did not gather around a festive dinner table last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Americans experienced lockdown, heeded warnings not to travel, remained within their own households, took caution in venturing out.

Meanwhile, many of you remained at work, putting in long hours with high demands and low staffing levels.

You cared for the sick, those stricken with the unyielding virus as well as those who required other kinds of medical attention. You cared for the grieving, the family members who lost loved ones and could not say a last goodbye.

And thanks to your heroic work, we are able to resume our beloved family traditions this year and spend precious time around the Thanksgiving dinner table once again.

Throughout the pandemic, you have kept our hospitals open to those who need us. You have continued caring for your patients and for each other during a difficult year.

As we count our blessings at this Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for the dedication of our workforce – all of our clinical staff and physicians, as well as our non-clinical staff, who continued to do their jobs in service to others under extraordinary circumstances.

I am grateful to each of you, and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

–Andrei Soran, CEO, Pipeline Health